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Imprint/General terms and conditions

1. OUTFITTOR is a private and non-commercial project of Terragon-Network, to rate, browse and configure outfits for females, males and teams. Please report, using the Contact-Form, if you want to have a outfit removed from the database. Everyone has been asked for permission to be part of OUTFITTOR before the photos were taken and used.

2. OUTFITTOR does only use photos from other websites and photos that were submitted by users, after they agreed to be shown in the OUTFITTOR System.

3. OUTFITTOR does not ask for or store personal data of its users to protect the privacy.

4. Because OUTFITTOR is a free and private project, this service is running without any responsibility for safety or backups and without uptime guarantiee. OUTFITTOR may stop this service at anytime without giving a reason.

5. It is not allowed to download, use or re-upload any of the photos from this website!